Soft Tulle Swatch

Soft Tulle Swatch


Smart brides know that when it comes to wedding planning, it all starts with a swatch (or five!).

Color determination for your girl(s) is very vital and can be based off the color theme for the event, event location, season, type of event, or your personal taste.

We offer the service of mailing color swatches to you to assist with your color selection in real time. Order as many colors as you want – go swatch crazy! All swatch sales are final.

Three Excellent Reasons to Order Swatches:

  1. Screen resolution varies: What you see on the screen can differ from what you see in person. 
  2. You get to see and feel the fabrics in person.
  3. Swatches become your resource for matching other wedding items to your color palette.

Zoom in to get a closer look on the swatches.

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